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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit
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Targeted Support Mr Fisher

What's happening in Targeted Support during January & February 2018?

P6 Numeracy Groups

The main focus at this time is on Fractions and Decimals, particularly the latter.  Within 'Decimals' pupils will learn about:

  • first and second place decimals (tenths & hundredths) 
  • the four operations using decimal numbers (X, - + and ÷)
  • ordering decimals
  • rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and to one decimal place
  • decimals as common fractions
  • sequencing decimals

Within weight / mass, the children will study kg and g, conversions, reading scales, practical measuring and carry out calculations using the four operations (including problem solving) If time permits we will also look at prime numbers, multiples, factors, square numbers etc.

Recall of tables still needs improvement with the majority of pupils so keep working hard at this with your child at home.

We have a lot to be getting on with!

Overview of Targeted Support

This year at Ballykeel I am in the privileged position to be able to offer additional literacy and numeracy to some P6 and P7 pupils.  The aim of this additional support is to help the targeted pupils succeed in literacy and numeracy by achieving their full potential.

These children have been very carefully and systematically selected by analysing their scores in standardised tests (in English, Maths & Intelligence {I.Q.}) and with professional judgement from their class teachers. Pupils are taught in small groups of 6 or 7. 

It is expected that most children should achieve Level 4, in literacy and numeracy, at the end of Key Stage 2 i.e. at the end of Primary 7.  We select children that we believe would not achieve this expected level without this additional support. A major aim, therefore, of these withdrawal groups is that selected children achieve Level 4 in Literacy & Numeracy.

Withdrawal group teachers meet with parents twice yearly to explain the support being provided, share pupil targets and suggest ways that parents can support learning at home.

Mr. J. Fisher


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