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Ballykeel Primary School & Nursery Unit

P5AR 's Mesolithic day

11th Oct 2017

Today we built a replica of a Stone Age home.

First, we went outside to choose a place for our future home. We decided to build in the secret garden because the trees give us shelter. We chose an area in which we could see food (berries and mushrooms) as well as water (the school pond).

We started by clearing the area using real artefacts, scrapers from the stone age. It was a difficult and dirty job! Look at Corey's face, he's loving it! Then we separated the willow rods according to their sizes. Some of us drenched the willows to make them more flexible. We drove the long rods into the ground to create the frame of our home. We finished the frame by weaving the smaller rods around, and used ropes to tie them together. Finally, we added "animal skins" to cover our home and make it waterproof. The rain started just when we finished our home, and we were delighted to find shelter in it!

Watch this space-next week, we are going hunting and gathering!